My name is Frederik and I’m a digital design student from the IT University of Copenhagen.

About the internship
I'm looking for an internship at a digital design agency or studio. I would love to focus on UX and front end development. I want to apply my theoretical and methodological knowledge from my studies and create real work. Furthermore, strengthen my code-skills and create a native go-to tool box. I want to have creative conflicts with you. Create meaningful relationships between people and digital products. Learn and challenge my current state. This can be done anywhere in the world – in other words, I'm availeble in spring and flexible.

About myself
Until now, I have been concentrating on both idea and value creation and digital communication. Also, I've been working for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation making digital and social media content in an digital editorial; and for Louisiana Museum in their learning department communicating IT and maintaining web site. Therefore, I have mostly been focusing on cultural communication in a digital realm developing a sensibility for what works in a connected world and how to communicate ideas and changes.
Besides that, I have done a lot of photography; and I enjoy mini docus and music videos.

If you think, we could be a match, please get in touch!